Hummingbird visits flower with dew drops (4k timelapse with zoom and pan)

A super slow motion footage of a male hummingbird visiting pink flower on rainy day

A super slow motion footage of a male hummingbird makes 3 right turns before visiting the pink flower

Hummingbird shows aggression chirping sound between 2 flowers

Hummingbird using cotton for nest interior

Male hummingbird visiting flowers while female sitting in her nest

Hummingbird arrives and inserts moss to the exterior of her nest

Hummingbird visits flowers and back to her nest quickly

Hummingbird visits flowers before flying back to her nest

Hummingbird visits coralle fuchsia in heavy rain with sun light

C0022 male hummingbird loop no sound

Hummingbird suddenly appears among flowers

Hummingbird visits coralle fuchsia while frog calling nearby

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